Introducing The Newest 8 Ball Pool Hack

8 Ball Pool is a game that can be played by the multi-player online. It is one of the greatest multiplayer games that can be downloaded. You can have your friends have a one on one meeting with you in this type of application. There are also tournaments that you can enter in competition for the Crown billiards. Whenever you participate, you can earn coins that you can use in the purchase of object. In all the victories that you have done, this can give you a title to go to the next level.

8 ball pool cheats

As you go through the levels collecting coins can be difficult. This is why the Pool 8 Ball cheat tool will provide you with unlimited coins that you go through the levels. This can help you customize your items and can add unlimited resources that you may find useful. With the right amount of precision, you can have the drawn ball in a precise way. This may be the answer to lead you to win every tournament. With your unlimited coins, you can go to the pool stores to buy exclusive things available that you can use in the game.

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8 Ball Pool: presentation of the game

If you are fan of including pool table game, you play with the 8 Ball Pool game. The latter is a very popular game that is available on Android platforms in iOS. Everything everyone will now be able to make a game of billiards with his smartphone. Similarly, the player will have the opportunity to compete with the professionals of this discipline. He will play in international tournaments, and to showcase its talent pool player. With 8 Ball Pool, it is possible to practice developing his mastery of the game.

Play online with many users. The great innovation with 8 Ball Pool, is that you can play online with many connected users. This is of great importance to be able to measure his talent in the face of many other players. Similarly, you will be able to measure you with your friends. You understand by now that this game is multiplayer. To play with other opponents, you’ll connect with your Facebook account or Miniclip. From here you can start your billiards game. You will be able to do matches with great players in the world.

if you are looking to buy new Cues without giving anything for them, the hack tool provides you with free of charge Miniclip corners and credits.

  1. the Pirater offers massive amounts of coins and credits so that you can enjoy from to the most complete.
  2. the most excellent element to hack is the auto aim, which allows you to mark each ball you are striking.
  3. Another major function of this cheat is you can just forward your rank present to the Expert, the master, as well as the Grand-master.
  4. If you are looking to buy new lines (Indices) without giving anything for them, hack it provides you with the free Miniattache invent and credits.
  5. Facebook 8ballpool the hack also allows the player to open all of the achievements in the entire game.
  6. for someone who think they might be banned from 8 ball pool, we assure you that this hack is undetectable. The hack contain an antiinterdiction function, which prevents the account ban.
  7. 8 ball pool hack is a hack it excellent and ranks high among others hack of its kind. You simply download the tool and start using it to improve your gaming experience. The tool is very simple and highly effective. Just follow the instructions of screen to download and install hack into the device.



Get Free Orbs Using Our Fire Emblem Hack | Cheats

Fire Emblem Heroes: the strategy in the Pocket

Nintendo has attacked the mobile world. First with Pokémon (even if here it comes rather from the Pokémon Company), then with Mario and now with another of its big licenses: Fire Emblem. Big N seem to put the package on the series as a 3DS episode was announced as well as another on Switch. So that gives the mobile version? It happens on iOS and Android.
Before you begin, camp décor. Fire Emblem Heroes Hack And Cheats series is a series of Tactical RPG. What is it? These are strategic battles that could be similar to the chess games: you have a checkerboard and you move there, each your turn, units to attack others. In the world of the Fire Emblem license, we are in a context of chivalry, magicians and other unicorns.

Fire Emblem Heroes Reviews

For this mobile version, we offers a checkerboard of 8 boxes of 6 and 4 teams against 4. Fire Emblem Heroes Hack Orbs  Yes I know it’s not much and it is certainly much less than usual. We feel, from the outset, the desire to simplify things. At the same time a smaller Board can also lead a finer strategy but this isn’t really the case. But a little detail things.


You’ll find the usual characteristics (attack, defense, health, speed,…). At each battle, with each victory, these characters earn experience that allows them to mean levels of increase in some of these features. Little by little, your characters will therefore gain power and this in order to face the highest levels of the game. Note that your characters have a rank given in stars. Fire Emblem Android This rank will determine their ability to climb level precisely. Therefore focus on the heroes who have a lot of stars to build a team of fire.

Side dishes, there is something for everyone: archers, wizards, healers and what it takes to Warrior on horseback or not. These handle three types of weapons: sword, axe and launches. Fire Emblem Heroes Hack Cheats – Get Unlimited ORBS Whether or not they have a steed will especially affect their ability to travel. And then we can equip them different weapons but also passive skills (for example, the fact to give a bonus to attack all nearby units). Gives you skills points earned on the field, of course. These phases of customization are, as always, quite tasty. The jewels picked up the field give you the ability to get in XP your different characters, and this without a fight.

Fire Emblem Heroes Important Tips:

But how to get characters? And well you can do with orbs incantations to bring up new fighters. There is also that you can win at the end of some phases of the game. So like any good strategy game, Fire Emblem Heroes you have to carefully position your units. So try to attack the first and for this get too close, wait for the opponent to make the move too. For this the app provides a visual aid showing the capabilities of range of the enemy (and that takes into account the remote attacks).

We can say immediately, the AI is not a genius. But it’s not bad because the fighting are all similarly interesting especially when the opposing team is superior in quality. Fire Emblem Heroes Hack & Cheats Free Orbs This is where we take the most pleasure, to move the units with caution, to position our healer, to highlight our most proud soldier. And you will need to take account of a rock-paper-scissors system. So the Lancers have the advantage over Other currencies (feathers to improve the hero sword to play a new game online) only depend on your success in the game. There is also the energy bar that is charged to each fight and which is restored with time passing.those who wield the sword which themselves dominate the soldiers who possess an axe. And the latter is deadly against Spears, the circle is complete. Well we’re not detail you everything but you will need to consider a lot of things for each of your battles.

Mobile in hand, we take pleasure but the parts are short, typically scheduled for play on mobile phones. So exit strategies in the long haul, here we play between two metro stations. Fire Emblem Heroes Cheats It had to be expected. But if you start from the assumption that we were not necessarily looking for a clone of the Fire Emblem console, so you can take this fun because it’s a good game in its category. We regret only one thing: the characters killed in combat do not permanently disappear (as is used in the license), not losing just the XP earned in combat. Still a concession to ease.

Game modes

On the side of the modes, there is not bad. So proposed us the campaign conventionally against the AI. There are also special cards that are renewed from time to time to win characters. Fire Emblem Heroes Tips The training is ideal for farmer (fight again and again to increase its level). And then there’s the arena. It does not, unfortunately, with other live players, it simply allows you to play against the teams of other competitors, but managed here by the AI.

The game time, there, that’s for sure. The training Tower offers more in addition to levels and every chapter of the campaign can be broken down into three difficulties: normal, hard, expert. There are also special missions to vary the pleasures.


As often, the term free-to-play is associated with a system of microtransactions. There are few totally free games also. Here, we find the system usually found in games: it pushes you to spend money to play more, to go up in level, to have the perfect collection. Fire Emblem Heroes Hack Unlimited Orb Cheat And as often it goes through several types of “currencies”. Thus the orbs that allow to invoke heroes can be purchased with money real. If you want all the heroes you may need to do because the game offers some but probably not enough. You get when you first start the game, when you finish a fight of the campaign (but only the first time where they made the fight) and when there are challenges offered by the game (combat any particular unit, earn a certain number of times,…).



New 2017 Super Mario Run Tips To Get Unlimited Coins

Released late last year on our mobiles, Super Mario Run updates regularly in order to always renew our experience. The latest small event is placed under the sign of friendship, and gives more tickets of challenges to participants.

Maybe are you one of these millions players and players who have downloaded this runner signed by Nintendo, and released in December. Through a series of levels, we direct our friend Mario, who must reach the exit within the time limit and collect maximum Free Super Mario Run coins. And if we can play this game solo, it is also possible to challenge our friends.

It is precisely this aspect of the game that is enhanced with the current temporary event: “Fun run”. Already set up about a month ago, this event is and allows us to win tickets to challenges whenever it confronts a friend, regardless of the outcome of this meeting. Reminder, challenges tickets are just used to compete with online players; This operation aims to facilitate competition. She will remain in place until March 2, 2017 at 7:59 am, French time.

Remember that Super Mario Run is available on iOS since December 15, 2016.

Super Mario Run survey results And Reviews

Recently, we launched a survey following the release of the game Super Mario Run on iOS, in an attempt to make a first measurement of its success with the public. Because it is true that the game has been particularly successful to make the sauce following a presentation on stage during the keynote of Apple, but also following announcements of price (9.99 euros) and technical details, such as the essential internet connection. Fortunately, the game allows a free trial before purchase, where the interest to understand the return of the public about the quality of the game, and especially the shift to buying:

It was precisely the subject of the last survey about the Nintendo game. The question was: “what do you think about Super Mario Run?” Seven responses were proposed, to choose between: “bought and super happy” – “bought, happy” – “Bought, disappointed” – “Tested, not yet decided to buy”, “tested, I would have bought, but too expensive”-“tested, but not purchased, because not conquered”-“Not tested, not interested”.

The numbers

And after more than 2,100 votes, we have made the point and attempted to clarify the results to determine trends. Here are the numbers, in the first instance:


You’re almost 23% who paid 10 euros to unlock the full content beyond the first 3 levels. Among these 23%, which is about 490 voters, the vast majority is happy to have cracked! In details, half are happy with their purchases, a third is “super-content” and only 13% are disappointed.

You are however 71% to have tested the game without going further and have purchased the full version. About 1 500 voters are so tied to the free part of the game. Slightly more than one third of these 1 500 responses correspond to players who were not seduced, another third is the game too expensive while a third let the time for reflection.

A misunderstood game?

There a majority (more than the third rate) voters who tried the game without having been to the payment. Your comments have allowed us to see a little clearer about this massive refusal to purchase. As might be expected, some reasons are more often cited than others.

Indeed, one of the main criticisms is the price/content report proposed by Nintendo in his Mario game. For many, the purchase is too expensive compared to the proposed content (more than twenty levels besides the challenges). This may imply that if the game had been richer in possibilities, some players would have certainly have been willing to pay 10 euros. The question that may arise is the value perceived in the face of the real value. These players crossed levels at once, come back and try to get the pink stars, then the black? A challenge that makes the game much more long and taking for who appreciates this type of challenge!

The other dominant criticism concerns the game itself. The automatic runner kind of left to right is, for many of you, the “seen and reviewed” with many existing games on the App Store in the same style. The wait seems to be any other, for a Nintendo game, even on mobile, any “simple” single command platform game.

Critics and more technical aspect of the game, with too long loading times and a fashion landscape missing, but are less frequent returns.

However, it should be noted the absence of real animosity towards the essential internet connection, which does not seem to have bothered the players. On the other hand, regrets are expressed with respect to family sharing on multiple devices. A tip is however about the latter, it doesn’t solve all cases however.

We realize that for this Super Mario Run, according to you, it is both the content of the game, too short compared to the price, and style, too simple that are involved for not going to purchase.

However, one will notice a few people in the comments, well happy and satisfied with their purchase. They defend even the game citing a large replay ability with the different colors of room to pick up several times on the same level.

In short, this game seems to be intended for an informed audience, fan of the Mario universe, but also understanding of the game offered by Super Mario Run System. Without this, only a few will be non initiated to seduce enough to pass the free levels and the purchase of 10 euros.

On this topic, also read: no additional levels for Super Mario Run, traditional model in a mobile world that has changed.

The game will may need a little more time than the initial rush created by the buzz pre-release, to understand and comprehend by players. Go to some time to take stock.

Thank you all for taking the time to complete the survey and add your details in the comments.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Cheats | Hack And Tips

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links download 25 million times.The site Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Cheats today informs us that the company Konami Unveils today the revenue of its different games for 2016 and including affecting mobile games, which totalled more than $ 647 million. Furthermore, we learn that the last baby of Konami on smartphones and tablets, Yu-Gi-OH! Duel Links, would have reached the 25 million downloads.

The game Yu-GI-Oh! Duel Links went out on our devices January 19, 2017 and the success is at the rendezvous, evidenced by the 25 million downloads in less than two weeks. The game is in line with the games of the moment, a set of digital maps of type CCG (Collectible Card Game), which contains all the codes of the animated series released during the 2000s. The game features all the heroes of the series, as well as all the cards known as the blue eyes White Dragon or even the dark magician.

The game is free-to-play and include the standards of all the card games that come out on mobile with a system of lvling, purchases of decks of cards against gems that can be retrieved by performing quests, and the amount of your account level either by using your card to have more gems and thus quickly expand your collection of cards. You are more to try the game and download it to this address!

About The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG :

The Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME is the #1 trading card game in the world with over 25 billion cards sold. It is a game of strategy, where players create individual Decks of cards collected from Structure Decks and Booster Packs. Two players engage in a Duel while using cards that represent powerful monsters, magical Spells and surprising Traps. Duelists with well-constructed Decks, dominating monsters, solid strategy and good fortune are the victors in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.  Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. is the exclusive licensee and rights holder to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG in North America and Latin America.


Name: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Version: 1.3.0 (8) for Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19)

Root: No/Yes (No Need Root)

Mod features:

  • Shows Card Detail when clicked (all place except enemy hand)
  • Always Win (not in PvP)

Mod2 features:

  • Shows Card Detail when clicked (all place except enemy hand)
  • Always Win (not in PvP)
  • All Card FaceUp

Mod3 features:

  • Shows Card Detail when clicked (all place except enemy hand)
  • Always Win (not in PvP)
  • All Card FaceUp
  • Monster Card Shows Their Form and Status

Mod4 features:

  • Shows Card Detail when clicked (all place except enemy hand)

Mod5 features:

  • Monster Card Shows Their Form

Mod6 features:

  • Shows Card Detail when clicked (all place except enemy hand)
  • All Card FaceUp
  • Monster Card Shows Their Form and Status

Install Steps:

  • Download & install Signed Mod
  • Done


  • always win have:
  • Quick Victory (your turn is 0),
  • LP on the Brink (your LP is 1),
  • Deck on the Brink (your deck is 0).
  • At least you can get 4000 points. for more points do your best (y)

Shows status is shows their ATK, DEF and STARS